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News   |     |   08.09.2021

Vysus Group announces new Cable Assurance services for submarine cable installations

Vysus Group is offering a new Cable Assurance service, designed to optimise collation of cable installation project data and information, enabling detailed identification and quantification of risk at granular intervals along the length of an as-installed submarine cable. The objectives of Cable Assurance are to reliably guide future operational insurance premiums and maintenance spend and to inform the design and costings of future similar projects.

Based upon over 10 years’ experience acquiring automated data in real time from construction, trenching, survey and drilling vessels within its IRIS project and data management web application, Vysus Group has developed a new IRIS module called CableQC to support its Cable Assurance service.

CableQC combines the wealth of available real-time digital sensor data from installation vessels, cable lay and trenching systems together with survey data and project reports, identifying key installation performance indicators which may influence the assessed risks associated with an as-installed submarine cable.

Our Cable Assurance partners, Primo Marine, with expertise in all aspects related to subsea cable installation and protection engineering, will provide performance analysis of the data and information.

Michael Cousins, VP Survey & GeoEngineering at Vysus Group, explained: “As the submarine cable sector rapidly advances, the cost of maintenance and repair of installed cables is coming into sharper focus, driving operational insurance premium increases within a sector already described as hardening. If we can maximise the value of raw and processed data during cable installation and other project phases and expertly analyse and visualise it, cable operators and insurers can be confidently and consistently informed on cable status and the locations of where risks and potential costs reside.

“We’re excited to demonstrate our software to the industry and to be working alongside Primo Marine and drawing on the expertise of our respective companies to provide a compelling service for our clients around the world.”

Daryl Lynch, Managing Director of Primo Marine, added: “Being a reliable partner, we know how important it is to ensure the cable installation interests of all parties are protected by balancing cost, risk and technology over the lifetime of the asset. We are looking forward to complementing the expertise of Vysus through our own unique combination of academic knowledge combined with a long-history of field experience”.

CableQC is currently being used on a major submarine power cable interconnector project in North West Europe. Click here to download a white paper outlining the context of the software development and the basis and objectives of our Cable Assurance service.

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