Grid Connection

We provide power systems studies and negotiate the connection and access standards of your generation projects to ensure a compliant but efficient approach.


Across the global electricity sector, we provide expert advice in both commercial and technical matters, using out network of contacts across market operators, network operators, wind and solar OEMs and EPC contractors, to minimise risk, compress timescales and work towards the best outcome for each and every project.

We support our clients in the following areas to ensure they meet new compliance regulations and network access standards.

  • Connection feasibility
  • Connection studies – grid code compliance and performance
  • Commissioning support, hold point testing and performance validation testing
  • Power systems model development, acceptance testing and benchmarking
  • Technology transition and strategic advice
  • ISO study / coordination and ISO/RTO support

Power system reliability software

Monitor and predict disruption in electricity grid systems with ProMaps Technology™. Features include scenario modelling to determine the impact of factors such as maintenance and adverse weather, as well as risk mapping through reliability and pressure calculations.


  • Largest dedicated grid connection consultancy in Australia.
  • 50% of the wind generation in Australia and the majority of utility scale batteries – including the ‘Tesla Big Battery’ in South Australia.
  • 10GW of renewable generation projects globally in the last 17 years.
  • Supporting the connection of 32 utility scale (>50MW) plants.