Energy transition and sustainability consulting services

An evolution of our environmental risk management services

To ensure our clients receive the support needed to meet the global challenge to decarbonise operations in a safe, financially prudent and sustainable manner we are pleased to offer a revised suite of energy transition and sustainability consultancy services.

This evolution of our environmental risk management services builds on our longstanding legacy supporting the

global energy industry with specialist environmental management, assurance and regulatory compliance solutions.

Supported by our global network of specialist consultants, we continue to leverage our collective experience to support regulators, financiers, developer, operators and the supply chain with:

  • Energy security and the operation of sustainable energy operations
  • Decommissioning
  • CCUS, hydrogen, LNG
  • Renewables

Our sustainability, ESG and data assurance services encompass a range of consulting, advisory, and implementation offerings aimed to assist organisations to integrate sustainable practices into their operations, strategies, and decision-making processes.

Our services include:

  1. ESG verification, audit and assurance (AA1000 licensed product)
  2. Environmental management systems (EMS) development (ISO 14001) and preparation of policies, procedures and plans
  3. Materiality assessments
  4. Preparation of ESG reports, publications and disclosures
  5. ESG gap analysis, review and benchmarking

Our services support the efforts undertaken to optimise energy usage while simultaneously minimising the release of greenhouse gases and other harmful emissions into the environment. This involves implementing various strategies and technologies to improve the efficiency of energy consumption across different sectors.

Our services include:

  1. Energy management system (EnMS) development (ISO 50001)
  2. GHG quantification / carbon footprinting
  3. Digital solutions - emissions Databox automated and secure data acquisition platform
  4. Emissions reduction workshop (ERAP)
  5. Advisory services on border emissions regulations (CBAM)

Environmental impact assessments (EIAs) are comprehensive evaluations conducted to identify and assess the potential environmental consequences of proposed projects, policies, or activities before they are undertaken. The primary objectives are to identify and evaluate potential environmental impacts. EIAs involve a systematic process that includes screening, scoping, impact assessment, mitigation and alternatives analysis, public consultation, and decision-making.

Our services include:

  1. Environmental impact identification (activities and processes)
  2. Screening, scoping and considerations of alternatives
  3. Impact analysis, mitigation and barrier selection (Bowtie)
  4. Management and coordination of detailed studies
  5. Environmental management plan (EMP)
  6. Reporting & monitoring (Scoping and EIA/ES)
  7. Independent verification and assurance of EIA/ES studies and reports

Our services support the process of assessing and managing environmental risks associated with operational activity, such as management of change, business transactions, such as mergers, acquisitions, divestitures. This process involves evaluating the potential environmental liabilities, compliance issues, and risks that may arise from the transfer of ownership or assets between parties.

Our services include:

  1. ENVID / HAZID studies and workshops (ISO 17776)
  2. Source, pathway and receptor risk assessments (qualitative/quantitative)
  3. COMAH / SEVESO MATTE assessment
  4. COSHH and CHARM assessments
  5. Financial / transaction due diligence
  6. Contractor selection and supply chain due diligence (owners engineer)

Our services cover supporting organisations in their systematic approach to effectively manage their environmental impacts and ensure adherence to relevant environmental laws, regulations, and standards. This involves supporting the implementation of policies, procedures, and practices aimed at minimising negative environmental effects associated with their operations and promoting sustainable practices.

Our services include:

  1. Alignment of environmental management systems (EMS) to ISO 14001
  2. Environmental management for project delivery
  3. Regulatory compliance / PLANC management (onshore / offshore)
  4. Environmental audit, verification and assurance
  5. Technology qualification and BAT assessments
  6. Regulatory and government advisory services

The concepts of circular economy, decommissioning, and waste management are all integral to achieving sustainable resource use and minimising environmental impacts. By transitioning to a circular economy model, effectively managing decommissioning activities, and implementing sustainable waste management practices, our clients can work towards a more resilient and resource-efficient future. We support our clients in a variety of ways, from manufacturing assessments of new facilities and identification of carbon footprint via life cycle assessments (LCA) through to supporting the management, planning and verification of decommissioning of industrial facilities and the management of the produced waste.

Our services include:

  1. Repurposing of infrastructure for energy transition (hydrogen, CCUS , LNG and renewables)
  2. Resource reduction and waste minimisation studies
  3. End of life and project BAT decommissioning plans
  4. Waste classification and transboundary shipments
  5. Inventory of hazardous materials (HKC, IHM)
  6. Selection of contractors, waste management and recycling facilities

Our services support the education, skills, knowledge, and expertise required for organisations to effectively understand, manage, and address environmental issues and challenges. This encompasses a range of bespoke courses aimed at enhancing environmental awareness, promoting sustainable practices, and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and standards.

Our courses include:

  1. Audit training
  2. ESG awareness training
  3. ERAP workshop
  4. CCUS risk training
  5. Production chemistry training
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