Survey & GeoEngineering services to the offshore renewables sector

Survey & GeoEngineering offers a wide range of consultancy and project management services and solutions to the offshore renewables sector, specialising in marine geoscience, offshore survey and positioning, submarine power cable installation and digital and data solutions.


Survey & GeoEngineering has provided marine geoscience services to the offshore renewable energy sector since 2005. Project have included wave and tidal and over 50GW track record within the offshore wind farm sector in Europe, USA and the Far East.

We help our clients initially by conducting site assessment and ground condition studies and subsequently designing and managing offshore surveys and site investigations.

We are an industry leader in the development and maintenance of 3D ground models for offshore wind farm sites, which clearly demonstrate that detailed studies in the early stages provide greater confidence in subsequent project decisions and outcomes.

Service Breakdown

  • Offshore site assessment and ground condition studies including preliminary feasibility studies for offshore wind farms and export cable route designs.
  • Engineering studies including Geotechnical Interpretative Reporting (GIR)
  • Cable trenching, burial and protection assessments.
  • Development and maintenance of geological and engineering 3D ground models for offshore wind farms.
  • Design and project management of offshore surveys, site investigations and cable installations.
  • Cost effective remote QC services and solutions for offshore projects.
  • Digital data management and delivery services within our IRIS family of bespoke web application.
  • Cable installation assurance service