IRIS Offshore Project Management Web Applications

Bring your offshore projects into focus and achieve the closest visibility to project status, progress and contractor performance.


IRIS is our bespoke set of web applications, designed and developed to add visibility and significant value to offshore energy sector projects.

With IRIS, our clients can track performance and identify issues during operations. This helps ensure that objectives are completed to expectation, minimising the potential for repeating work. Projects using IRIS include submarine cable installations, drillship positioning, offshore wind farm surveys and site investigations and oil and gas developments.

Service Breakdown

Our technology solutions integrate visually rich web maps with intuitive dashboards components. These are tailored to your specific functions, allowing replay, assessment and analysis of data and risk.

We can configure IRIS for internet-enabled broadcast digital services from offshore vessels and assets, such as remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and cable-lay and trenching systems. This gives both real-time and replay quality control and assessment of offshore performance. We also support data telemetry if required (using one of our V-Node datahubs).

Main modules and uses

  • Data Manager for web mapping of the marine environment, including global and regional datasets platforming project-specific data
  • Vessel Manager to coordinate marine activities, with real-time and replay vessel tracking
  • Project Manager to check on operational project progress and status and get daily reporting
  • RigPos for drilling rig positioning quality control (QC), including real-time visualisation
  • Posmet to access global hindcast and forecast metocean data and project marine forecasts
  • TrenchingQC for cable trenching real-time quality control
  • CableQC for cable installation assurance and risk assessment

IRIS affords me both greater oversight of project operations and the flexibility to monitor technical and commercial performance from any location. It’s a valuable tool.

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