Shallow Geohazard Assessments

Drill safely and efficiently. For a critical stage in your well-planning process, use our offshore drilling location shallow geohazard assessments.


Geohazards at drilling locations cannot be prevented, but most can be avoided through a detailed understanding of the sub-surface data and interpretation and quantification of the associated risks. Where a geohazard cannot be avoided, you will need mitigation measures to reduce the risk to as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP) levels.

Our geohazard, drilling and reservoir expertise brings effective solutions to your project across its lifecycle. While drilling comes with big challenges, you will always have the right specialist to help guide you.

Service Breakdown

1. Integration and regional/preliminary assessment

We combine 3D seismic data with client supplied and relevant public data to fully understand the geological and geohazard complexities within a licence block. Regional insights will inform a more detailed analysis required at your proposed drilling and relief location.

2. Site survey strategy

We perform a data-gap analysis, guiding the design of the site survey for your drilling location. This ensures all necessary data are acquired to allow clearance of the well, cost effectively. We can also cover your project’s full exploration, development and production lifecycle.

3. Data re-processing

Our advanced re-processing of the seismic data – using the latest 3D technologies – will enhance the resolution within the top-hole section. This can save significant costs on subsequent site surveys, while delivering enhanced results. Re-processing often leads to improved data quality and fidelity, optimising seismic interpretations.

4. Detailed shallow geohazard assessment

We then carry out the geohazard assessment at your site. We bring together all the information from the latest survey with seismic re-processing results and geotechnical investigations, and the proposed well plan and rig data. You receive a clear report, identifying risks at true levels together with proposed mitigation measures.


We can support you in several ways.

  • Apply for permits and optimise well locations
  • Place rigs, wells and other seabed infrastructure on the seabed
  • Streamline the top-hole drilling and casing process
  • Protect personnel and the environment from hydrocarbon incidents or accidents

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