Survey & GeoEngineering services to the submarine cables sector

Survey & GeoEngineering offers a wide range of consultancy and project management services and solutions to the submarine cables sector, specialising in marine geoscience, offshore survey and positioning, submarine power cable installation and digital and data solutions.


Survey & GeoEngineering’s geoscience pedigree is fully aligned with the requirements of the submarine cables sector, supporting the route design and installation of interconnector cables and offshore wind farm array and export cables around the world.

Our team can help you plan and execute an optimum subsea pathway for your submarine cable project from route planning through cable installation to post-installation operations and maintenance surveys.

Our traditional consultancy and project management services are augmented with industry leading tools and web services developed to monitor and report the quality of a cable installation and its ongoing risk profile, delivering assurance and informing cable operators, insurers and investors.

Service Breakdown

  • Cable route desk top studies and cable route engineering.
  • Scoping, specification and management of offshore operations including geophysical cable route surveys, geotechnical site investigations and cable installation support, including the provision of offshore client representatives.
  • Engineering studies including trenching, burial and protection assessments.
  • Data management and delivery services including the industry leading IRIS project management web application.
  • Real time monitoring and reporting of trenching performance using the IRIS TrenchingQC module.
  • Cable installation assurance, risk assessment and performance analysis using the unique IRIS CableQC module.
  • Geospatial, GIS, mapping and charting services, both desktop and web.