Getty Images 157531258 natural gas wellhead

Case Study

An integrated approach to data collection and database development


Oil & gas operator

Asset type

Onshore gas wellheads

Client challenge

The client had no inventory data for 700 wellheads across a radius of 300 miles. This presented a significant challenge for conducting the right maintenance, at the right time, on the right equipment - resulting in wasted man hours, a higher risk to operations and an increased maintenance and cost burden.

How we helped

In collaboration with InServe Mechanical Integrity Group, Vysus Group's Asset Management Consulting team conducted data collection on a range of instrumentation, vessels, flanges and other equipment.

InServe deployed expert teams to the field to collect pertinent data on the identified equipment. The collaboration between Vysus and InServe enabled a seamless transfer of data from the field, resulting in development of a comprehensive database. Vysus leveraged its asset performance management (APM) software experience to ensure the data uploaded was appropriately managed and trustworthy.

Powerful results

The scope carried out by Vysus and InServe developed the operator's inventory, streamlining maintenance and compliance efforts. The serialised, detailed information available for equipment including instrumentation, flanges, rotating equipment and valve details has allowed the client to accurately plan certain maintenance activities within the software - resulting in a reduction in maintenance planning hours.


Time reduction

Ahead of the project, specific tasks were expensive and time-consuming due to the significant volume of 700 remote wells. With access to the detailed data, built within an ordered, searchable hierarchy, the client was able to reduce field time for a specific task by 90% and focus efforts through effective planning.

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