Structural Integrity

We help manage and enhance structural integrity, optimising operations and reassuring you that your asset is running as efficiently and safely as possible.


Your structure’s integrity – whether it’s offshore, fixed, floating or an onshore plant – is fundamental for safe and continual operations. But this is continually under pressure as a result of environmental conditions, demanding production schedules, degradation, life extension and obsolescence. It’s imperative that failure and safety risk is mitigated.

Our structural integrity management strategies help you reduce costs, failures and downtime by quantifying the risks and uncertainties using the very best information available. We use operational data and failure statistics, alongside qualitative assessments of new functional elements or components.


  • Current structural condition review
  • Feasibility studies for asset life extension
  • Risk-based structural integrity management strategies (SIMS)
  • Criticality and probability of failure analysis
  • Cost-effective, risk-based inspection to improve operational integrity and reliability by focusing efforts on high-risk areas


  • Reduce safety risks and optimise asset uptime
  • Reduce failures and extend asset life
  • Meet regulations
  • Minimise the adverse effect on personnel, the environment and business reputation
  • Optimise inspection and maintenance regimes
  • Cut operating costs

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