Article   |   Gordon Ellis   |   17.04.2023

Understanding and addressing the maintenance backlog

A stand-out conclusion and a key call to action from OEUK’s recent HSE conference was the need to and a commitment to address the safety and environmentally critical elements (SECE) maintenance backlog – resulting largely from lockdown – in reducing risk on our assets.

Process safety leadership and the maintenance backlog are inextricably linked. Leadership must have a clear understanding of the risks posed on their assets, particularly the major accident potential.

RTAMO Maintenance backlog map v2

Vysus Group can help!

With the situation already of concern, it can only get worse with planned industrial action.

There can often be a knee jerk reaction to tackle either the oldest jobs first or the perceived quick wins. However, as discussed at the OEUK conference, the focus has to be on risk reduction. Sometimes though, it is hard to see the wood for the trees. Acting as a ‘fresh pair of eyes’, we bring a systematic approach to categorising and risk assessing your backlog, identifying any quick wins such as short interval jobs being repeated and eliminating them along the way.

Once the risks are clearly understood we then review the underlying causes of the backlog, such as:

  • A maintenance burden that is too onerous.
  • Inefficient work planning and or execution processes.
  • Crew shortages / inexperienced crew.
  • Lack of spare parts / poor spares planning.

We can help to ensure that your effort is focused on risk reduction and that the backlog can be tackled efficiently and effectively.

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