Pipeline Integrity Management

Manage and improve the design, construction, operation and integrity of your onshore and offshore pipeline projects and network.

Whether you’re planning or constructing new pipelines, addressing delivery points or extending the life of an aging pipeline network, we can help.


Pipelines are the conduit across multiple phases of the lifecycle and transmission of water, oil and gas. It’s vital that flowlines, risers, subsea and onshore pipelines are designed properly, constructed appropriately and maintained according to regulations, achieving a maximum lifespan before being conscientiously decommissioned.

We’ll help you mitigate risk of failure and unnecessary repairs, safeguarding the environment, your production schedules, the flow of materials, and project and operational costs. Our suite of pipeline services and solutions cover every phase of a pipeline’s lifecycle.

Track record

Our pipeline experience is extensive from concept to decommissioning. We’ve helped to deliver projects in ultradeep water, across deserts and mountain ranges, and in cities and urban areas. These have included environmentally sensitive sites and some of the world’s largest refineries.


Whether you’re planning or constructing new pipelines, addressing delivery points or extending the life of an aging pipeline network, we can help. Our expertise covers:

  • Pipeline Integrity Management Strategy (SIMS) development and execution
  • Concept evaluation and FEED studies
  • Design appraisals, surveys, flow assurance and cost analysis
  • Geospatial engineering and survey management
  • Design, construction and integrity management
  • Material procurement, inspection and traceability
  • Integrity, environmental and risk assessments
  • Supply chain inspection
  • Life extension and decommissioning.


  • Reduce safety risks and optimise asset uptime
  • Reduce failures and extend asset life
  • Meet standards and stakeholder requirements
  • Minimise the adverse effect on personnel, the environment and business reputation
  • Optimise inspection and maintenance regimes
  • Cut operational costs and protect your revenue stream

Case Studies

Design appraisal & code compliance survey

  • 09.05.2024
  • Case Study
  • Infrastructure & Process Industries

CML optimisation for large oil refinery

  • 09.10.2023
  • Case Study
  • Downstream Refining & Processing
More Case Studies

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