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Maintenance optimisation: achieve plant safety and reduce costs

Date: Wednesday 28 September 2021
Time: 1pm (BST)/2pm (CET)

Deferring critical maintenance can lead to unplanned shutdowns, equipment failure and increased backlogs, which is understandable when you are working with lower margins and uncertain markets. It may also become challenging to meet statutory requirements, leading to compliance issues and increased risk.
Many organisations have an underlying sense that they are doing unnecessary work, but don’t know how to reduce it without adding to the risk of failure.

A structured approach to maintenance optimisation can help achieve plant safety at the same time as reducing costs.

Join our webinar and hear from Gordon Ellis, Maintenance and Reliability Team Lead, as he explains how historical asset performance, existing maintenance plans, and reliability targets can be used to develop optimised maintenance strategies and balance a maintenance burden by doing the right work at the right time. Find out:

  • How to manage a growing maintenance burden through a maintenance optimisation process.
  • What are the technical and commercial challenges?
  • The process of maintenance optimisation.
  • How data-based decision on maintenance tasks and intervals can reduce the maintenance burden.
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