Nuclear Academy (Training)


Today, some 60 engineers per year, from all over the world, pass through our PSA and RiskSpectrum software training courses. Our instructors are chosen on the basis of their areas of expertise, industry experience and proven results. As specialists in their fields, they have confronted and resolved many of the problems you are facing on a daily basis.

Course Breakdown

Block 1: Nuclear Engineering

This course gives a general overview of nuclear power technology with a focus on process dynamics of BWR and PWR. The main process and the main components of a nuclear power plant and the various safety systems are described and discussed. The block also covers the fuel cycle and radioactive waste management. The training includes the following topics:

  • Nuclear Power Technologies and Safety Systems
  • Fundamental components of nuclear reactors and their function
  • Nuclear Legislation, Standards and Guidelines
  • The approach to safety in nuclear power plants, e.g. Defence in Depth and safety principles.

Block 2: Nuclear Theory

This course provides a general overview of the fundamentals for a nuclear power plant. The first part is dedicated to reactor and neutron physics and lectures given by the industry experts and university professors. The second part focuses mainly on thermal hydraulics, heat transfer and radiation physics. The training includes the following topics:

  • Principles of nuclear physics & radiation safety
  • Types of radioactivity & units of decay
  • Biological effects of exposure (short/long term)
  • Radiation monitoring, detection and protection.

Block 3: Probabilistic Safety Assessment (PSA)

Our PSA courses offer a comprehensive training programme in PSA targeting professionals in risk management. The programme includes an introductory course, an advanced course, and a range of specialized PSA training modules. The courses combine PSA theory with practical examples and interactive hands-on exercises using RiskSpectrum® PSA software. The training includes the following courses:

  • PSA Part 1 Level 1 PSA - Internal events
  • PSA Part 2 Low Power and Shutdown Level 1 PSA, Internal and External hazards, Level 2 and 3 PSA
  • Level 2 PSA
  • Human Reliability Analysis
  • PSA applications
  • Internal Fire PSA
  • Seismic PSA
  • Internal Flooding PSA
  • Reliability Data Analysis also including Analysis of Dependencies and Common Cause Failures (CCFs)
  • Digital I&C modelling in PSA.

Block 4: Safety & Licensing and Deterministic Analysis

The training describes in detail different types of deterministic analysis and the documentation process for safety and licensing of nuclear facilities. The training includes the following topics:

  • Nuclear licensing and life cycle of a nuclear installation
  • Nuclear technical safety
  • Radiation and radiation protection
  • Deterministic analyses
  • Human factors
  • National Safety Structure
  • Function of government, regulatory body and operating organisation
  • Responsibilities and duties of regulatory body and operating organisation
  • Verification of safety
  • Quality Assurance and document verification.

Registering for our training courses

Every year we provide regular open training courses (online or in Sweden). We also deliver tailor-made training courses to meet your needs.

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