Nuclear Academy - PSA Part 2

PSA Part 2:

Low Power and Shutdown Level 1 PSA, Internal and External hazards, Level 2 and 3 PSA

The purpose of this course is to give participants an introduction to specific PSA topics such as low power and shutdown PSA, internal hazards, external hazards, Level 2 and Level 3 PSA. The course is tailored to individuals with some experience in PSA (PSA Part 1 or working experience). The lectures combine theory with practical examples, and there are exercises using RiskSpectrum® PSA.


Plant Operating States
Low Power and Shutdown PSA
Introduction to Internal Hazards PSA eg Fire and Flooding
Introduction to External hazards PSA eg Seismic, Aircraft
Crash and non- Seismic hazards

Level 2 PSA

  • Interface Level 1 and 2 PSA
  • Plant damage states
  • Accident progression analysis (containment event trees)
  • Containment failure modes and performance
  • Phenomena during severe accidents
  • Release categories and source terms
  • Quantification of large early release frequency (LERF/LRF)

Hands-on Practice using RiskSpectrum® PSA

  • Shutdown PSA modelling vs. full power PSA modelling
  • Integrated Level 1 and 2 PSA modelling
  • Internal and external hazards
  • Containment event trees and release categories
  • Overview of Level 3 PSA
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