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Case Study

Vysus Group and Siccar complete successful emissions management pilot


Tendeka, a Taqa company

Client challenge

Tendeka sought to calculate and report on its emissions data from across its global operations. Capturing scope 1, 2, & 3 emissions data has proved extremely challenging, particularly obtaining scope 3 emissions information from across complex supply chains. Reporting encompasses 15 categories across upstream and downstream activities and involves complex supply chains through to the end use of sold products. It is currently based on disparate data sources and manual processes, making it impossible to control versions and verify emissions information.

The Energy Transition Databox pilot project was designed to demonstrate the capability of the Databox to meet the challenge to industry to digitally gather scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions data for an oil & gas supply chain company and maintain audit rigour that would meet the requirements of an audit equivalent to UK ETS standards.

How we helped

The project was carried out with the support of Tendeka’s QHSE department and the wider Saudi-based TAQA organisation. The initial stages of the project established the boundaries for reporting emissions based upon ISO 14064 materiality criteria, then proceeded to obtain the material activity data associated with those emissions prior to developing the template for automation.

Activity data from the defined source locations was built into a template and uploaded into the Databox for throughput for emissions calculations and storage of linked supporting documentation such as invoices, calibrations and assumptions. In the initial pilot, the data was aligned for future rest API integration on completion of the pilot on proof of the security, validity and auditability of the pilot process.

The activity data, supporting documentation and emissions factors applied along with materiality assessment process and records was stored on the underlying distributed ledger technology platform running beneath the Databox application. This underlying platform provides tamperproof transactions, creating a single source of truth and a verifiable chain of custody for all activities. Auditing of the emissions output was conducted to validate those outputs for completeness, accuracy and achieve UK ETS level requirements.

Powerful results

The output emissions presented an auditable figure for the Tendeka global operation and a structure to fully integrate the emissions reporting via rest APIs to the Tendeka data sources without incurring significant workload on Tendeka employees.

The Databox platform integrates fragmented data sources and digitises the acquisition process, allowing clients to plug directly into their systems and increase efficiency. By embedding the engineering and environmental management expertise of Vysus with the Siccar data platform, the complexity and challenge of reporting complex scope 3 emissions can be met with a digital solution.

Next steps following the pilot is the live integration of the Databox into Tendeka databases that will provide continually auditable emissions data to be used for reporting and optimisation.

The Databox pilot proved that we could use innovative technology to automate data acquisition, build a verifiable audit trail, and inform our decisions on strategic decarbonisation initiatives.

Alicja Fryc, QHSE Manager with Tendeka.

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