Security & Resilience

Accelerating change and complexity creates challenges when it comes to balancing risks and business goals. Streamlining business and operations can lead to a successively build-up of new vulnerabilities in both systems and operations. But we cannot avoid all risks. It is now clearer than ever that there is a need to strengthen governments, businesses and societies understanding of managing risks and using different tools to make better, informed and more reliable decisions. Risk and security management must contribute to the protection of vital business, societal functions, and critical infrastructure in a more efficient way than before.

Whether you are a public or private owner of infrastructure or vital business/societal functions you will need the ability to prevent, manage and recover after incidents.

We offer services that gives you the insights you need to make the right decisions now and prepare for the future:

Business Continuity Planning (BCM)

Analyse your organisation and identify your critical activities and what the consequences are if they are not performed due to a disruption.

  • Identify critical dependencies
  • Identify if your current strategies are effective
  • Business Impact Analysis - plan for recovery, testing, evaluating etc.
  • Meet the requirements in ISO 22301 Security and resilience – Business Continuity Management

Crisis management planning

Identify what your organisation needs to do to maintain the ability to communicate, analyse and understand the situation. We will help you cooperate and communicate with your stakeholders and protect your trademark etc.

  • Test current plans and identify necessary measures.

Risk intelligence review

  • Carry out a third-party review of your ability to prevent, manage and recover after an incident.
  • Understand where you should focus your resources to find the most cost and time-effective ways to protect your assets/resources.
  • Test/assess and then plan to be more resilient.

Classification of assets/resources

We will help you ensure that your complex assets/resources have the right level of resilience.

  • Review the differentiated protection of assets.
  • Meet COCLASS, ISO 55000, ISO 31000 etc.
  • Generate input to security protection and BCM etc.

Asset Value Assessment tool made available by co-operation with AddContext AB.

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