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Case Study

Ensuring safe return to port for a RoPax ferry


Large shipyard in East Asia


130m RoPax ferry under design and construction


Carried out a safe return to port overall assessment by developing a system availability model and helped our client to comply with SOLAS Regulation II-1/8-1 and Regulations II-2/21 and 22.

Client challenge:

Our client is one of the world’s largest medium-sized ship builders and was designing a new vessel which had to be in accordance with SOLAS Regulation II-1/8-1 and Regulations II-2/21 and 22. The regulations specified that essential systems required for the ship’s safe return to port had to remain operational in the event of a fire casualty and did not exceed the casualty threshold or flooding of any single watertight compartment. Additionally, emergency services also had to remain operational to support the orderly evacuation and abandonment if any one of the main fire zones were unserviceable due to a fire casualty which exceeded the casualty threshold.

How we helped:

Our RMC team in Korea developed an in-house software tool that modelled a vessel’s systems and interdependencies, simulating the failure of a system component or the loss of a ship’s compartment as a result of a casualty. The tool also provided the automatic generation of a SRtP overall assessment report which showed the effect of each casualty scenario on essential systems, subsequently meeting SRtP regulations.

Powerful results:

Our team modelled the systems of the vessel using our in-house tool and identified over 50 non-conformity items at the early design stage, so that our client could improve their design with minimal cost impact and ensured compliance against SRtP regulations.

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