Escape, Evacuation & Rescue Analysis (EERA)

Service Breakdown

In the event of emergency situations, efficient escape, evacuation and rescue will be vital to avoid injuries and fatalities. Our expertise and track record spans multiple sectors including the oil & gas industry, maritime-, offshore wind- and transportation industry (e.g. tunnels) as well as buildings. The overall objective of such analyses is to evaluate whether:

  • Escape to safe areas will be possible prior to being exposed to accidental loads (e.g. heat, smoke, toxic atmospheres).
  • Timely evacuation from the analysed object will be possible in a controlled manner before critical exposure of safe areas and/or evacuation means occurs
  • Rescue and treatment of persons not being able to evacuate will be possible
  • Rescue treatment facilities will be available for injured persons following evacuation.

Evaluation of "bottlenecks" in escape routes, which may increase escape times, is a vital part of such analyses.