HAZOP Assistant AI

News   |     |   02.06.2021

New partnership and innovative approach to support safe energy operations in the Industry 4.0 era

Collaboration will reduce the continuous need for highly specialised, difficult, and time-consuming workshops, producing more targeted analysis

  • Game-changing software will disrupt traditional approach to hazard and operability studies (HAZOP)
  • AI digital twin technology presents root-causes, consequences and safeguards to mitigate hazards and operating issues

Supporting safe and sustainable energy operations through increasing predictability in safety, production time and quality, are at the forefront of a new collaborative agreement, announced today by the global engineering and technology consultancy, Vysus Group.

Software and consulting provider Kairos Technology has joined forces with Vysus Group, to develop its intelligent tool that enhances hazard and operability studies (HAZOP).

Kairos Technology’s HAZOP Assistant is a model-based software used during such studies on complex infrastructure. It employs deterministic modelling of a plant, combined with artificial intelligence, to produce a more targeted and comprehensive analysis than is possible with a typical HAZOP.

As part of its portfolio of services spanning the energy lifecycle, Vysus Group delivers a range of risk management and risk analysis capabilities. By working together, the expert domain and process knowledge of Vysus Group is combined with the unique explainable artificial intelligence (AI) software from Kairos, ensuring more targeted and comprehensive analysis.

Robert Nyiredy, VP Risk Management with Vysus Group, said: “It’s no secret that potentially dangerous and hazardous factors, such as flammable and explosive materials and equipment, are widely used in the energy sector. In the complex production process system, it is therefore essential to not only avoid design mistakes, but also to be able to predict the cause of process alarms during operations.

“As a safety assessment method that can identify and analyse risk in the operation process, HAZOPs are widely used in the petrochemical industry. HAZOPs rely on the technical experience of the consultant, incorporating lessons learned and utilising a lot of human resources and time.

“The Kairos software solution supports and extends the traditional HAZOP. It reduces the need for highly specialised, difficult, and time-consuming workshops, producing a more targeted analysis. The intelligent digital twin, which incorporates the complete complex process facility, will empower subject matter experts to identify potential hazards and operability problems.

At the same time, it digitally verifies any calculations or assessments made by the experts. The explainable AI digital twin will present instant analysis of root-causes, consequences and safeguards when given a guide word.”

Bjarne André Asheim, CEO of Kairos Technology, said: “The collaboration with Vysus Group will see our software disrupt the HAZOP process. Our ultimate goal is to integrate the insights gleaned from the HAZOP into daily operations, ensuring it is at the fingertips of the operators, and always updated and relevant. Our goal is to capture and continually utilise the knowledge obtained from HAZOPS, ensuring that it is refined during operations, across disciplines, assets and sectors.”

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