News   |     |   29.08.2016

A holistic approach to help Norwegian and global operators.

Vysus Group is offering extensive expertise to Norwegian and global operators and asset owners on functional safety. It is a holistic approach which is able to provide robust and systematic solutions to all aspects of an asset's lifecycle; fulfilling the requirements of the international standards IEC 61508 and 61511 and ultimately ensuring safe and confident operability.

Functional safety is often faced by a series of challenges. Each project phase of an asset's lifecycle may involve a large number of stakeholder interfaces, where unclear risk of ownership for activities can result in uncertainties and possible negligence.

Similarly, varying degrees of competence and differing contractual obligations tend to create a complex project environment. From Vysus Group's work on more than 1000+ functional safety projects over the past 10 years, the company has seen a clear difference between the intent of the functional safety standards and the actual application of these standards in practice.

The expertise from Vysus Group can be applied across upstream to downstream operations and clients range from equipment suppliers to EPC contractors and operating companies. It adds big value to design contractors for design and implementation of safety systems and for duty holders to demonstrate that they have made reasonable efforts to ensure safety systems are fit for purpose.

So whether you are a large company already managing a competency scheme or a small company looking to meet the requirements for competency set out by the standards, Vysus Group can provide, manage, and assess any of these aspects including risk analysis and safety assessments, to operation and maintenance planning, installation, commissioning and validation, operation optimisation through to end of life and decommissioning. Additionally, Vysus Group offers functional safety audits to assess a company's current overall compliance with standards.

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