Article   |     |   05.07.2023

Enhancing our Digital HAZOP collaboration

The development of our Digital HAZOP solution in collaboration with Kairos Technology, is being boosted by the contributions of Master Thesis student, Mercedes Belda Ley.

Mercedes, from Spain, is in the midst of a six-month internship, based primarily in Kairos’ office in Lyngby, Denmark. Recruited by Angel Casal, our Product Manager for the Digital HAZOP, Mercedes interacts frequently with our Barcelona team.

We asked Mercedes to tell us more about her internship so far and the value it is bringing to her studies.

1 Are you based in the Kairos office in Denmark full-time or are you splitting your time within any of the Vysus offices?

I was recruited by the Barcelona office and the team still plays an important role in the execution of my work here at Vysus. I am almost full-time based in Kairos’ office in Denmark, but I am regularly visiting Vysus’ office in Denmark and occasionally visiting Vysus’ office in Barcelona.

2 Has relocating to Denmark temporarily for the placement been an added benefit on top of the technical experience you are gaining?

Yes, of course it has been. Experiencing different cultures, traditions and practicing languages have always been very firm ambitions of mine.

I immensely enjoy the opportunity of living abroad and learning from people with different backgrounds to mine. In addition, I am very much captivated by life here in Copenhagen.

3 The six-month internship will help bolster your Master Thesis but did were there any other elements that attracted you to coming to work for Vysus/Kairos?

Yes, there are. My main goal is to be able elaborate my Master Thesis while contributing to the tool Kairos and Vysus are developing together. And, hopefully, strengthening their business relationship.

Besides from this, I have a deep interest in Process Safety. The opportunity I have been given to join you seemed – and is – to be able to provide me with a first and deep insight into the sector. Moreover, it would make it possible to move abroad in a near future, which is a situation I had been looking forward for some time.

4 What have been the main benefits or the things you have most enjoyed so far?

First of all, being able to see how two different companies face the same challenge of developing an innovative tool by contributing with its own experiences and perspectives has been very enriching. Second, I have been given the chance to nurture from different working environments with highly professional and skilled people surrounding me.

Furthermore, I have been able to explore and make decisions of my own for developing my Master Thesis, situations that have allowed me to improve determination and independent work skills.

5 Can you please give me a brief overview of your scope of work?

I am devoted to developing a qualitative model through the use of Multilevel Flow Modelling (MFM) theories with the aim of adjusting its current application towards supporting Process Hazard Analysis, in particular HAZOP procedures.

6 Have you found working with two different businesses which are collaborating, to be useful to your Thesis?

It definitely has, especially since I have been continuously receiving help from both businesses, addressing one or the other with the arisen uncertainties depending on the matter. This allowed me to get the best possible advice and solutions for the existing issues as well as perceiving wider vision for my project.

7 Is there anything else you would like to include?

A deep thank you to Vysus and Ángel for trusting me for this position and making it possible that I am learning so much during this experience as well as to Kairos for the support they are providing me.

Mercedes Belda Ley
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