Well Integrity

Quantify the risk, and safely manage the integrity, performance and reliability of your wells


Well integrity issues can have a negative impact on your operations, from loss of production, financial consequences and reputational damage, to irreversible environmental damage and worst case, loss of human life. Globally it is estimated that 38% of oil and gas wells are affected by integrity issues and we want to make sure your wells are not in that statistic.

As a leading provider of integrity, compliance and specialist risk consulting services, we provide confidence that risks are understood and compliant with oil and gas industry standards and regulations.

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We apply our technical and engineering expertise together with our deep knowledge of internationally agreed rules and standards, many of which we have helped to develop, to independently assess the design and operation of wells in accordance with oil and gas industry standards the prevailing regulatory framework (and emerging regulatory changes) in which the well resides.

As experts in well operations we’re committed to helping you exceed not only your integrity objectives, but also your operational and performance objectives. Through our combination of first hand operator experience, established well integrity procedures and extensive engineering expertise we help you understand and mitigate integrity risks of your operations.


  • Reduced risk
  • Extended well life
  • Increased production life
  • Reduced workover and intervention costs
  • Third party independent assurance
  • Reduced blow-out insurance
  • Improved HSE performance
  • Safeguard to reputation
  • Demonstrated right to operate
  • Compliance with local regulatory legislation, industry best practice and company policies