Well Examination

Assurance that your wells are designed, constructed and adequately maintained to a high level of safety, and compliance with regulations and policies.


Well examination provides you with an auditable and independent process for demonstrating full compliance with local regulations, company policies and good industry practice in relation to the full life cycle of well operations.

Our Well Examination service enables you to ensure full compliance with regulations and demonstrate a competent review of well operations throughout the well lifecycle, from initial design to final abandonment.

Service breakdown

We independently assess that wells are being designed, constructed, operated, suspended and abandoned in accordance with oil and gas industry standards. We can support you, not just by examining the well but also in the capacity of an assurance provider around the subsea hardware, lines, pipelines, drilling programme etc. and our Well Examination services are applicable regardless of global location.

Our well examination service covers the entire life cycle of the well from design, to drilling and construction, to permanent plug and abandonment.

As an independent competent person (ICP), we uniquely include Well Examination with the verification scheme and assurance, required by UK operators for owned fixed and floating assets. Combining these services and integrating the well examination process into the complete verification process provides you with a unique level of continuity, a level of efficiency, simplification in the process and ultimately a cost saving.


  • Compliance with regulation and prevailing goal setting legislation
  • Ensure the pressure boundary of the well is controlled
  • Third party independent assurance
  • Ensure the project organisation is competent and adequate
  • Review of the entire well life-cycle