Logistics & Supply Chain Management


Using innovative and collaborative methods, we break you free from “the way it's always been done” by challenging the status quo.

Supply Chain and Logistics activities run through every operation, providing vast opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce cost. Whether you require ad-hoc logistics support, feasibility studies during conceptual stages, or provision of full project management services, we help you achieve economies of scale cost reduction.


  • Infrastructure and Resource Assessment for remote country operations.
  • > 150 Master Service Agreements available for client use, including Marine and Aviation contract templates.
  • Provision of Contracting and Procurement Strategies, including Marine, Aviation and Waste Management selection and audit, utilising trusted partners where required to provide industry-leading services. Contract Management and Audit support (Internal, external/partner)
  • Multi-role Contracts, Procurement and Logistics support
  • Inventory Management – optimisation, resale and disposals. Customs and Freight Forwarding support including access to our existing authorisations.
  • AFE Preparation and cost estimation, Cost Tracking within <5% accuracy of actual well cost. Financial reporting, Estimated Final Cost, Monthly cost forecasting, Provision of End Of Well Reconciliations. Audit support (Internal, external/partner)