Drilling Performance Management

Increase performance in well operations and reduce costs


feet of drilled hole


bit runs worldwide


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Where elevated well costs are commonplace and with drilling programs becoming more challenging, we understand the need to curb and reduce capital costs. Performance Management, when effectively implemented, serves as one of the enablers to facilitate reversal of the increasing cost trend.

Service breakdown

Our team of specialist Drilling Engineers focus on critical areas your resource constrained drilling teams may not have the capacity or expertise to review. We optimise areas of drilling that can be overlooked.

We have extensive experience in bit, BHA selection and design, drilling softwares, mud/data logging, M/LWD, down hole drilling dynamics, PPFG and well engineering.


  • Technical limit / detailed operational performance enhancement
  • Full offset review of drilling data & visualisation of drilling hazards
  • Bit & BHA optimisation studies & support
  • Full onsite performance optimisation (world-wide ‘on site’ rotational support for the entire well delivery process).
  • Well design feasibility studies & detailed design (conventional, high angle, extended reach wells)
  • Root cause failure analysis (BHA, drill string, vibration)
  • Bit stock management
  • Companywide performance analysis and benchmarking