Risk Based Management

Identify, assess and control your organisations threat or risks


We understand that an effective risk management system reduces your exposure to risk from accidents and associated potential litigation, regulatory enforcement, loss of productivity and damage to public reputation.

Our risk management system not only ensures asset, public and personal risks are properly identified and controlled, but we also enhance your business performance by driving the process of continuous improvements.

We help identify, assess and control your organisations threats of risk from various sources including; financial and digital assets, legal liabilities, strategic management, accidents and natural disasters.

We manage HSSE by;

  • Developing and implementing the HSSE management systems, including the policy, organisational structure, safety responsibilities, and supporting processes and procedures.
  • Advising on relevant standards and regulations and how these affect the organisation.
  • Defining and setting safety and risk targets and other key safety performance indicators.
  • Validating the safety of organisational changes and changes to a safety management system. Auditing, monitoring and reviewing performance of safety management systems.
  • We also undertake due diligence, verification, legal compliance and business assurance audits.

Services include:

Asset Integrity Management

Our specialist expertise and practical guidance provides cost reductions, increased up-time of equipment, adjusted planning due to facility and operational changes, improved condition monitoring techniques for extended component life as well as asset life extension.

Barrier Management

We help develop barrier management systems and tools to measure and verify the performance of safety critical elements/barriers to ensure that they are identified, functional and well maintained throughout the lifetime of a facility.

Emergency preparedness planning

Emergency preparedness planning (EPA) is crucial in order to safeguard human, environment and material assets from adverse effects in case of unintended incidents. We ensure that your emergency response on the installation reflects the findings from risk assessments and operational risks.

Incident/Accident Investigation

Safety Case

Our safety cases are supported by evidence, to justify and document that your assets are safe for any specific application or regulatory environment.


We provide Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental (QHSSE) audits and verification support.

We provide an integrated set of risk management services to help you meet best practice in process safety, technical safety and human factors risk management.


  • Reduce the exposure to risks from accidents and associated potential litigation, regulatory enforcement, loss of productivity and damage to public reputation.
  • Better decision support to verify how performance and efficiency goals can be met
  • Avoidance of failures with improved design solutions