Emergency Preparedness Analysis (EPA)


An EPA is a systematic process with the objective of ensuring that the analysed activity/enterprise will be able to handle emergency situations by means of carefully selected sets of technological, operational and organisational measures.

Service Breakdown

Analysis work includes:

  • Establishing the basis for emergency preparedness, i.e. defined situations of hazards and accidents (DSHAs). These DSHAs are to a large extent based on risk analyses
  • Setting the standard for the emergency preparedness through the definition of emergency response strategies and performance requirements
  • Identifying technical, operational and organisational emergency response measures necessary to ensure fulfilment of performance requirements, including an assessment of the response organisation with respect to robustness, conflicting tasks etc.

Vysus Group’s tool for EPAs and emergency response plans (ERPs) ensures a 1:1 relationship between performance requirements in the EPA and actions to be performed by the 1st line response organisation if activation of ERPs is necessary.