Continuity Management (BCM/SCM)

Create a resilient organisation with the ability to handle, reduce the consequences and the downtime of an incident

Service Breakdown

To develop a Continuity Plan, you must first conduct a Continuity-related Risk Analysis to identify:

  • Socially important and/or Business critical commitments and functions
  • Internal and external critical dependencies
  • Maximum tolerable downtime (interruption)
  • The Capability assessment of the critical dependencies
  • Suggestions for measures to increase the ability to handle disruptions in the organisation.

Vysus Group has developed a methodology in three steps to identify the variables and create Continuity Plans based on ISO 22301.

The method works for the private (BIA – Business Impact Analysis) and public sector (SIA – Societal Impact Analysis) Continuity Management. It works just as well on technical systems as it does for e.g. health care – and childcare-related activities – "the soft sectors".