Engineering Dynamics

Our Engineering Dynamics services help prevent and solve problems in noise, vibration, instability and fatigue damage, optimising your operations


At Vysus Group we’re passionate about understanding dynamics and failure mechanisms, and assessing designs for wide spectrum of potential problems – noise, vibration, instability, fatigue damage. Vibration can be a major cause of machine and plant downtime, as well as a significant safety concern, which is why we focus on solving and preventing problems, optimising and giving independent design advice, to increase your uptime and safety.

Our engineering dynamics consultancy services provide you with the assurance that your assets and components are running to their optimal performance. From ensuring the structural stability of your asset to multi-phase flow modelling of your subsea compressors, our expertise spans the oil and gas to renewables, power generation, marine and rail sectors.

We solve and prevent problems related to dynamics for critical installations in Oil & Gas, Marine, Wind power, Rail and related industries. This involves design-phase review, analysis and advice, as well as site consultancy and measurements for validation and troubleshooting.

Disciplines include:

Through our specific focus on failure investigation, a unique systematic approach to troubleshooting and the combined experience of many years’ solving mechanical failure mean that whatever your mechanical problem, we are uniquely well placed to help you find out what is going wrong, fix it and ensure it doesn’t happen again. Our mechanical failure analysis can facilitate successful redesign and improved availability with up to 70-95%.


Our mechanical failure analysis can facilitate successful redesign and improved availability of up to 95%