Systematic Security Management

Keep on top of your risks and their interlinked impact.


To meet the never-ending changes in risks and dependencies, our clients often need to focus on protecting vital societal/business functions and critical infrastructure. We help them to achieve this in a continuous process, developed and updated in line with changes to their distinct challenges

In order to meet the never-ending changes in, for example, risks and dependencies there can be a need to focus on the protection of vital societal/business functions and critical infrastructure. And to perform the work in a continuous process that is developed and updated in line with alterations to business/society and its challenges.

Service breakdown

To deliver systematic security management, we combine risk management, business continuity management and the managing of events, incidents and crises. All are interconnected.

  • Our risk management services include identifying, processing, evaluating, managing and controlling risks, for example, in the context of RVA and/or Risk Management Standard ISO 31000
  • We deliver business continuity management in accordance with ISO 22301
  • We help you plan your management of incidents and crises, meeting leading standards such as ISO 22320