Nuclear Safety Assessment & Licensing

We apply profound knowledge and broad experience to ensure that your nuclear facility receives and maintains its license to operate, at the same time ensuring optimal performance.


Nuclear projects and assets are subject to regulatory control based on a licensing process, and we have an excellent record of helping clients operating within this environment. Our solutions include deep understanding of your licensing basis and regulatory requirements. We provide detailed risk consulting in the areas of licensing and safety assessment, both probabilistic and deterministic; we develop advanced software tools for risk and safety analysis as well as for emergency preparedness; and we can help you to resolve specific business issues, utilising Vysus Group’s expertise and experience from other industries operating in a safety critical environment. We offer a full suite of nuclear safety assessment & licensing services. This includes development of analysis methodologies as well as performing the actual analyses.

Service Breakdown

We offer a full suite of nuclear safety assessment & licensing services. This includes development of analysis methodologies as well as performing the actual analyses.

Vysus Group’s nuclear safety & licensing services enables you to:

  • Receive and maintain a license to operate
  • Ensure optimized performance in a safety critical environment, e.g. by making full use of a realistic probabilistic safety assessment, in compliance with the deterministic design basis
  • Be risk-informed in your decision making
  • Have a holistic and detailed understanding of the risks related to your operation – crucial in dialogue with internal and external stakeholders, and in achieving public acceptance


  • Probabilistic Safety Assessment (PSA) – Level 1, 2 and 3, including:
    • All types of initiating events (faults) and operating modes (from power operation to refuelling outage) during the complete life cycle (from design to decommissioning). Different types of nuclear facilities, e.g. power plants, spent fuel pools and fuel storage facilities, as well as others.
    • Living PSA fit-for-use in any application
    • Risk-informed decision making and PSA applications
    • PSA training courses
  • Deterministic Safety Analysis (DSA) including:
    • Thermal hydraulics analyses, e.g. containment and building loads, system performance, core cooling analysis
    • Radiation shielding, protection and monitoring analyses, e.g. dispersion of radioactive materials, and calculation of activity concentrations and radiation doses
    • Load specifications and combinations for structural verification
    • Criticality analyses
    • Identification, screening and classification of internal and external events, and of initiating events
    • Fire simulation analyses
    • Flooding analyses (sources, pathways, structural impact)
  • Safety and Licensing including:
    • Understanding and review of international and national rules and regulations (Regulatory Guidelines)
    • Authoring and reviewing Safety Analysis Reports (Safety Cases) and Technical Specifications
    • Supporting development of Emergency Operating Procedures (EOPs) and Severe Accident Management Guidelines (SAMGs).

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