News   |     |   18.04.2023

Extending a very positive relationship with a key client

Our long-standing relationship with the European Spallation Source (ESS) is set to continue with an extension to all ongoing projects – as well as the award of a new scope of work.

Our Nuclear team has supported the prestigious ESS – one of the largest science infrastructure projects being built in Europe today – since 2011, before construction of the facility even began in 2014.

The facility, which is being constructed in Sweden, is designed to build and operate the world’s most powerful accelerator-based neutron source to enable scientific breakthroughs in research related to materials, energy, health, and the environment.

​​​​​​​Our work has involved support in various hazard, risk and radiation safety analyses that are carried out by ESS in compliance with Swedish regulations and requirements. We have also developed ESS Doctor – a state-of-the-art tool for demonstrating radiation safety, safety analysis and emergency response – which has realised significant cost-savings for the client.

An increase in scope resulted in the addition of two full-time graduate consultants towards the end of last year – and we have now renewed all contracts until the end of 2023, with a further request to contribute to the work on structure, system and components classification for radioactive waste management.

Vysus Team Lead Manorma Kumar, who is among a core team of nine working on the project almost full-time, said: “This is fantastic news for Vysus Group and is a great endorsement of the quality of work delivered by the consultants involved in the project over the years. The very close working relationship we have with the ESS undoubtedly helps us to keep the project on track and on time and the positive feedback we receive reflects this.”

Click below to find out more in a published technical paper. Please note that the Vysus team email addresses have since changed. If you have any queries, please email 

ESS site visit 1

Members of the Vysus team during a visit to ESS

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