Reliability & Asset Performance Optimisation

Creating an optimal design for your risk environment to help optimise your asset and maintenance performance through reliability and regularity assessments


We understand that you need cost-efficient design and operations, which is why we focus on reliability and regularity assessments which evaluate different design solutions. We provide better decision support to verify your performance and efficiency goals and ensure they get met, ensuring reduce costs and optimised assets by insuring you have the best tools to deal with the risks.

We help optimise your asset and maintenance performance through reliability and regularity assessments. Providing an integrated optimisation solution or a stand-alone reliability/regularity models for your business.

Service Breakdown

Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)

Our FTA is a logical top-down deductive failure analysis model of your asset, system or process illustrating the coherence between an undesired event and the causes of this event. We use the FTA method to identify the best way to reduce your risk or to determine event rates of a safety accident or a functional failure.

Safety Integrity Level (SIL) and LOPA

The safety integrity levels are the relative level of risk reduction and a measurement of performance for electrical, electronic or programmable electronic safety systems as defined in the IEC 61508 standard. SIL analyses include a layer of protection analysis (LOPA), with different risk and reliability techniques to address the requirements and targeted performance.

Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM)

Our RAM analysis helps you achieve high regularity of O&G fields, power stations and plants as well as railway transportation to obtain increased efficiency and reduced the bottom line. We use advanced tools to model and simulate your asset, plant or system to determine its behaviour and how loss of production can be avoided.

Failure Mode, Effect and Criticality Analysis (FMECA)

We can provide a FMECA (or FMEA) for your system, a failure mode identification and system effects assessment which will identify part or characteristics of your system needed to be improved or optimised in order to meet your safety and reliability targets.

Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM)

Our RCM method facilitates both simple and comprehensive approaches for developing or optimising a maintenance program for your asset or system. We can identify several performance and maintenance performance indicators in the analysis to provide a baseline for the continuous improvement process of your maintenance management and cut your maintenance costs.

Uncertainty analysis

Our uncertainty assessment has increased focus as an evaluation tool for ranking risky decisions. With proper uncertainty management, you will be able to pin-point risks, mitigation measures and see an overview of the overall uncertainty in your project portfolio, ensuring you are equipped to make the best informed decision.