Consequence Modelling

For safer operations all-round, we’ll help you understand what an accident can mean.


Understanding the consequences of a hazardous situation is integral to safety. We use Consequence Modelling to predict the effects of accidents, and the potential impact on people, the environment and property.

From a simple concern to developing a complex model of an industrial plant or offshore asset, we’ll listen to your needs and provide the right tool. Whatever’s needed, from a simplified model to advanced software for computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

Track record

We carry out a wide range of assessments using a large portfolio of models. These include our own respected tools, as well as commercial software (such as PHAST©, FLACS©, KFX©, FLUENT©, Open Foam and FAHTS©/USFOS©).


Our main studies cover:

  • gas dispersion
  • pool, spray and jet fire consequence
  • explosion, fire and smoke modelling
  • heildeck turbulence
  • cold vent, exhaust and ventilation design
  • cryogenic spill assessment
  • fire and gas detection mapping
  • wind chill and radiation modelling
  • passive fire protection (PFP) optimisation
  • response of structures to accidental loads.


  • Improved understanding of the impact of accidents
  • Timely, quality input into your design development or operational challenges
  • Supported by high-performance computational power

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