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News   |     |   02.12.2021

Methodology for accessing information on public transport can be utilised across all sectors

Technical consultant Vysus Group makes recommendation for speech intelligibility to be prioritised in multiple sectors following successful implementation on buses in Oslo, Norway.

STIPA (Speech Transmission Index for Public Address systems) ensures that important information conveyed by public address (PA) systems is of an acceptable quality and accessible by everyone onboard trains and buses and within stations, especially for passengers with reduced hearing capabilities.

According to World Health Organisation figures, hearing impairments affect more than 5% of the global population, around 360 million people.

Based on Vysus Group’s experience and STIPA equipment, the team carries out sound level measurements and assessments and comes up with recommendations relating to the PA system. This will ensure critical information is not lost during emergencies or in daily operation.

Recently, Vysus Group consultant Terese Steien carried out a project for Ruter AS, a joint management company for public transport in the Oslo area, accounting for more than half of Norway’s public transport network. Terese was approached after Ruter had implemented STIPA requirements for its PA systems for bus services, subsequently delivering training as well as carrying out measurements to assess the PA system on one of Ruter’s buses, demonstrating the quality of the PA system and value of the STIPA service.

Terese said: “The value base for universal design includes facilitating that everyone has equal opportunities for participation in society, in which commuting and journey planning are both essential. Ensuring that people with hearing impairments have suitable access to the information conveyed over public address announcements plays into this. The STIPA technology and our expertise can be deployed in numerous scenarios, onboard cruise ships, offshore work areas, anywhere there is a public space or information over the PA system is of vital importance.

“We have been conducting STIPA assessments in Sweden for the past four years and in Norway for the past two years and we see opportunities to expand into other sectors as we develop the service, including a light measurement service, which works in a similar way.”

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