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News   |     |   09.02.2022

Integrated approach combines engineering technical expertise and environmental consultancy

Vysus Group broadens service offering to ensure consistency in sustainability management across all aspects of energy asset development.

Vysus Group has expanded its capabilities as an AA1000AS licensed provider.

Granted by global consulting and standards firm AccountAbility, the AA1000 Assurance Standard (AA1000AS v3) is the leading methodology used by sustainability professionals worldwide for sustainability-related assurance engagements. While its scope is broad, AA1000AS is primarily used to verify sustainability claims. Companies are able to gain an independent appraisal, which can be made public if desired.

The standard is also recognised by HM Government as one of only two internationally recognised standards for the verification of sustainability reports and other documentation, such as annual reports, disclosures, and corporate literature. It is also cited by DEFRA and BEIS as a recognised standards for the verification of sustainability reports such as the UK’s (SECR) streamlined energy and carbon reporting requirements.

This enhances corporate reputation and builds credibility in the eyes of board directors or investors at major projects, such as wind farms or decommissioning oil rigs. It also facilitates financial assurance of worst-case scenarios including oil spills.

Ian Thomas, Vysus Group Principal Consultant, explains: “In recent years, sustainability has gone from being a passing interest to a responsible, even mandatory, business activity. Now, corporations are bringing sustainability to board-level discussions, with ESG roles at VP-level or above.
That, naturally, brings changes in operation and the way businesses such as Vysus Group communicate with various stakeholders.

“AA1000AS is a key framework for bringing forward an integrated approach to sustainability, one that affords full transparency in reporting and presents unequivocal evidence of an organisation’s credentials, which will, naturally, be under the spotlight.

With years of engineering expertise, and a wide pool of resources to draw on, we at Vysus Group have a unique opportunity to encompass multiple areas in our service offering, resulting in a more streamlined approach that allows our clients to be confident when reporting to individual stakeholder groups.”

Further details on the AA1000AS standard can be accessed at www.accountability.org/standards/aa1000-assurance-standard/.

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