News   |     |   24.08.2023

Expanding our portfolio with the addition of real-time monitoring

ModuSpec has been delivering compliance and verification services across the upstream industry globally for more than 37 years with safety at the heart of all operations. The company, a division of technical engineering consultancy, Vysus Group, has now added real-time monitoring to its portfolio.

ModuSpec Argus is a real-time monitoring tool which continuously monitors signals and parameters. Our team can quickly detect any abnormalities and engage the vessel before a major failure can occur.

Combined with the extensive technical expertise of the ModuSpec team, ModuSpec Argus enables more efficient maintenance scheduling by using data trends to identify potential failures before they occur, leading to reduced costs and increased asset availability.

ModuSpec VP Johnny Benoit states: “Our clients are well aware of the technical expertise and knowledgeable service that we deliver which is why we have so many long-standing contracts in place. They have told us that the addition of real-time monitoring tool to our offering would mean they can access the whole package along with the engineering expertise, from the same trusted supplier.

“We have therefore developed our own tool to meet our existing and potential clients’ demands, enhancing the safety of their operations through continually tracking critical data such as hydraulic pressure and temperature, to ensure any issues are identified and rectified quickly to minimise risk and downtime and reduce environmental impact.”

“Our key differentiator is the combination of our renowned compliance and verification expertise with the real-time monitoring system of ModuSpec Argus,” added John Hoefler, Compliance Manager who has led the development of ModuSpec Argus.

ModuSpec Argus gets its name from Greek mythology – Argus was a giant with 100 eyes known for being a vigilant guardian.

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