ERAP workshop

ERAP workshop

Increasingly, energy operators and the supply chain are tasked with the development and implementation of an Emissions Reduction Action Plan (ERAP) to reduce the carbon footprint of operations.

Our team at Vysus Group realises how challenging it can be to identify reporting requirements, establish procedures, boundaries, materiality and emission factors before acquiring activity data and running complex calculations.

Moreover, we recognise how difficult the task can be when data acquisition extends beyond simple Scope 1 and 2 emission sources to more complex Scope 3 emissions associated with upstream supply chain and downstream product use.

ERAP workshop and training package

For this reason, we have used our industry experience to develop an ERAP Workshop and ERAP Training Package which we hope our clients in the energy industry will benefit.

The ERAP workshop and training packages have been developed to comply with:

  • ISO 14064 and ISO 50001 standards
  • NSTA Stewardship specifications
  • IOGP / OEUK industry guidance

Core content

Core content of the ERAP workshop and training package is expected to address key elements of the ISO 14064 and ISO 50001 standards and industry guidance:

  • Reporting criteria (scheme or regulation).
  • Identification of activities associated with project or operation which are responsible for GHG emissions.
  • Categorise emissions according to scope.
  • Establishing boundary for GHG emissions based on significance and ability to influence.
  • Identification of greenhouse gases which contribute to climate change.
  • Consider whether a gas is material to the total of their greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Identification of information required to calculate greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Establish procedure to collect and manage activity data.
  • Defining data collection period.
  • Establish baseline for calculation and reporting.
  • Identification of strategic and tactical opportunities using Stewardship Expectations and best practice.

Agreeing actions and objectives.

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