Well Decommissioning

Our well decommissioning services help you safely complete your projects with reduced risk and optimised spend


Well Decommissioning costs are one of the highest cost areas in well life cycle, comprising about 60% of the total decommissioning cost. Unexpected changes in project scope can cause huge additional costs or delays due to rig rates or vessel rates.

We understand the complexities of well decommissioning and can help you drive significant cost savings, improve project efficiency, reduce risk and safely abandon your wells.

Service Breakdown

Our multidiscipline teams evaluate, prepare and execute well decommissioning plans for single or multi-well scenarios. We provide confidence that your project is managed within budget and time constraints. We carefully select a tailored approach to your well decommissioning program ensuring costs are minimised.

Our wider decommissioning solution helps you navigate the regulatory and technical complexities of late life operations and decommissioning of offshore and onshore assets and pipelines, from CoP preparation, planning and surveys, to plug and abandonment, waste management and monitoring post removal.


  • Project managed within budget and time constraints
  • Control and reduce operating costs
  • Legislative compliance
  • Optimise decommissioning spend