Well Control Verification & Compliance

Our goal is to ensure your drilling equipment is complaint with regulations, is up to standard and operating as originally designed.


New and emerging standards can be difficult to decipher, however regulatory regimes must be abided by. We also appreciate that today’s sophisticated drilling rigs have increased the potential for damage and downtime from problems in the electronic systems.

Our verification services ensure you are compliant with the necessary international rules, regulations and policies, while helping you minimise the time and effort needed to clear these hurdles.

In jurisdictions where the standards are not clearly defined, we work with you to apply the appropriate regulatory; standards; specifications, your company policies and industry best practices.

Our best-in-class approach for verifications cover blow out preventers (BOPs), Controls (S&C), coiled tubing and intervention well control equipment (IWCE). Survey services are customised for your rig, to check your BOP hardware and related systems for proper operation, maintenance and parts, per regulations.

Our re-verification services ensure that any modifications or issues occurring since last verification do not compromise the design and operation of the BOP.

Shear verification

Using shear test reports combined with calculated data, we assess and verify if your blind-shear rams will shear the drill pipe for a specific well according to regulation.

BOP compatibility verification

Verification that a well using a sub-sea BOP (normally means floating rigs) in U.S. offshore waters is right for your rig and works as expected.

For rigs entering the U.S. waters, Vysus offers a verification of compliance survey to make sure the rig is compliant prior to transit to the U.S.

Vysus supports 14 to 21 day test extension with real-time monitoring, a BOP risk model and failure tracking and reporting.

We also perform maintenance audits, competency assessment, DROPS, engineering consulting, failure root cause investigation and HPHT reports for BSEE.

Intervention well control equipment (IWCE)

Our IWCE integrity services enhance reliability and safety to ensure continuous operation, so you reduce downtime and costs. Following our acquisition of WEST Engineering Services (2012) and ModuSpec (2008), we offer the world's most comprehensive suite of technical services to owners and operators of drilling rigs. Our reputation for technical excellence, safety and trust speaks for itself, having inspected over 80% of the world’s offshore oil rigs.


drill rig reviews a year.


Acquired Moduspec


Acquired West Engineering


Percentage of world's rigs inspected