Rail Academy

Essential training so you keep up to date with safety requirements and risk management best practice.


Vysus Group’s Rail Academy offers a comprehensive training program in risk management systems, safety and analysis methods targeting professionals in maintenance operations, safety and risk management within the transportation sector.

Our instructors are chosen on the basis of their areas of expertise, industry experience and proven results. As specialists in their respective fields, they have a track record in confronting and resolving many of the problems you could be facing on a daily basis. Through this knowledge and experience we ensure your team is as up to date with emerging requirements and can operate with full assurance

Service Breakdown

Our courses combine theory with practical examples from the industry, and balance lectures with group assignments to get practical experiences, and cover the following topics:

  • Authority and 3rd party approval processes
  • Safety management
  • RAMS (EN 50126)
  • Common Safety Method – Risk Evaluation and Assessment (CSM-RA EU 402/2013)
  • Maintenance Optimisation – RCM/RBM

Who should attend?

Our courses are attended by managers, project managers, safety managers, safety engineers and others working with in change management at all levels in a railway organisation. The level of the course can be tailored to specific requirements and prior experience in the subject matter.