Rig Reactivation

Our rig reactivation services ensure that upon reactivation of a stacked rig, you have a credible, efficient and reliable operating drilling unit.


We understand the difficult decisions rig owners face in today’s market when committing resources to reactivate a stacked drilling rig.

A reactivation process can be extensive and unpredictable. We help you achieve the first crucial step in maximising your return on investment; ensuring the cost efficient reactivation of the drilling unit on time and within budget.

Our reactivation services can assist you in achieving a more efficient and higher quality reactivation of your Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit (MODU), jackups, coiled unites, intervention, helping you meet Class requirements and industry expectations. We can assist with the entire management of the reactivation, or simply conduct a specific phase of the project scope based on your requirements.

Our extensive expertise covers the scope of classification and the drilling systems:

Reactivation Assurance

If you’re planning to reactivate a rig in-house, using your own management and personnel, we can offer an Assurance Service as a third party independent company, that will help to verify work performed and provide more credibility of the units’ ability to perform. This can help increase the marketability of the rig to potential clients.

Certification and Compliance

Depending on where the rig is intending to operate, there will be a need to comply with requirements from authorities such as BEIS / PSA / NOPSEMA and BSEE. We provide a level of assurance that all systems and components of the MODU are inspected, tested, fit for purpose and meet compliance as per Class, Regulatory and industry requirements.

Following our acquisition of WEST Engineering Services (2012) and ModuSpec (2008), we offer the world's most comprehensive suite of technical services to owners and operators of drilling rigs. Our world class services and support are recognised globally, with our reputation for technical excellence, safety and trust speaking for itself, having inspected over 80% of the world’s offshore oil rigs.