Rig Intake

We take the pain out of rig intake by ensuring the rig you select is fit for operation, helping you avoid non productive time and delay to your drilling campaign.


Sourcing and contracting a rig can be a daunting and challenging process, influenced by factors such as compliance to your area of operation, rig availability and operational status.

Whether you’re looking to contract a new build rig, a ‘hot’ rig or a non-operational rig that requires reactivation, we can help you successfully and cost effectively tender, select and accept a rig onto contract.

Our rig intake and selection services cover the entire process from rig tender, selection and award to rig acceptance. As experts in asset integrity, operational integrity and well operations, we help you avoid costly project delays, operational downtime, safety risks and significant cost implications.

Market conditions are such that new build and hot rigs aren’t always readily available and instead you must consider a non-operational rig. A reactivation process can be extensive and unpredictable. We help you identify and address the technical and regulatory challenges so you can successfully and cost effectively tender, select and accept a non-operational rig onto contract.

We’ve supported over 500 clients, intake 15,000 rigs, through the implementation of our proven rig intake process. Following our acquisition of WEST Engineering Services (2012) and ModuSpec (2008), we offer the world's most comprehensive suite of technical services to owners and operators of drilling rigs. Our reputation for technical excellence, safety and trust speaks for itself, having inspected over 80% of the world’s offshore oil rigs.