Power System Reliability Software – ProMaps™

Accurately monitor and predict disruption in electricity grid systems with advanced realtime risk calculations.

Power supply is vulnerable, exposed to a multitude of destabilising factors such as changing weather conditions, maintenance, change in demand and changing amount of energy available.

The risk of unexpected loss of energy can be loss of production, damaged equipment, direct financial loss or health at risk. Losses mount up to $100 of millions every year from power failure.

From a humanitarian perspective, we’ve seen the consequence that loss of energy security can have on people and communities when weather in Texas, in the February of 2021, caused havoc.

​Whether you’re a grid owner of large industrial consumer of energy, our software gives you the system insights you need to make the right decisions now and prepare for the future.


  • Scenario modelling to determine the impact of factors such as maintenance and adverse weather
  • Risk mapping through reliability and pressure calculations.


Promaps Realtime

Probabilistic risk analysis of complex power systems, Promaps Realtime helps you guarantee a stable and secure energy supply together with the most efficient operation and expansion of the power grid.

Promaps Analytics

Simulate the impact on the power system of different actions. Foresight into potential effects such as maintenance, forest clearing, planning for bad weather, smart grid technology, renewable production and battery storage.

Promaps Opra

Promaps Opra helps determine the risk of critical overpressure in flare systems through efficient reliability and pressure calculations.

In February 2021, Vysus Group acquired ProMaps Technology - (see press release)