Independent Safety Assessor (ISA)

In Scandinavia there are no requirements for an ISA to be accredited. The basic criteria for our ISA service is normally the CENELEC EN50126, EN5018 and EN50129 standards (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety, RAMS standards), against which the safety engineering of railway products and systems are assessed.

The CENELEC EN50126 and EN50129 standards reference further to other standards CENELEC standards as EN50657 for software, CENELEC EN50159 for communications and CENELEC EN50121 for electromagnetic compatibility.

The main market for ISA services is railway signalling and related areas. This service is mainly of interest for designers, manufacturers, or users of signalling systems to ensure their products meet RAMS requirements.

In Scandinavia, the ISA team normally approved by the Norwegian Railway Authority (NRA) per project.