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Monitor and predict disruption in electricity grid systems with advanced real-time risk calculations using our power system reliability software.


Power supply is vulnerable, being exposed to many destabilising factors such as changing weather conditions, maintenance, change in demand and changing amount of energy available.

Unexpected loss of energy can reduce production, damage equipment, have direct financial consequences or put the health of people at risk. Losses mount up to hundreds of millions every year from power failure. From a humanitarian perspective, we’ve seen the consequence that loss of energy security can have on people and communities when weather in Texas, in February 2021, caused havoc.

​Whether you’re a grid owner or a large industrial consumer of energy, our software gives you the system insights you need to make the right decisions. Both now and to prepare for the future.

Key Promaps™ features:

  • Scenario modelling to determine the impact of factors such as maintenance and adverse weather
  • Risk mapping through reliability and pressure calculations.

Promaps™ Realtime

Providing probabilistic risk analysis of complex power systems, PromapsTM Realtime helps you guarantee a stable and secure energy supply, together with the most efficient operation and expansion of the power grid.

Promaps™ Analytics

Simulating the impact on the power system of different actions for foresight into potential effects. Areas covered include maintenance, forest clearing bad weather planning, smart grid technology, renewable production and battery storage.

Studies - By using either existing Promaps Realtime models as base case or establishing new ones for new costumers, we can make detailed reports that can be used as a basis for investment planning, operation tuning or give other valuable insights in your power grid.

Promaps™ Opra

Helping to determine the risk of critical overpressure in flare systems through efficient reliability and pressure calculations.

Promaps™ Clients/Partners:

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A statement from the Norwegian power system regulators, NVE

Vegard Willumsen, Section Manager Energy Department (Section for Power Systems NVE) has given this statement about probabilistic risk management in power grids.

"In many grid development projects, increased security of supply is the greatest measure of benefit - and also one of the most difficult to quantify. Probabilistic risk calculations can strengthen the underpinnings and highlight the effects of the measure for a highly meshed power system and the corresponding unclear system state.

This can make it easier for the company to make a decision itself, and for the authority to approve the power system investigations and license processing. A good basis for the socio-economic assessments in these government processes will facilitate the work both with us and the companies, and could make the whole process smoother."

Case Studies

Safety studies for LNG reclassification

  • 06.06.2023
  • Case Study
  • Power, Renewables & Transition
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