Executive Summary - Planit22 post COP26 national survey

COP26 has ‘galvanised’ UK into reaching sustainability targets, survey reveals

This research was carried out by Censuswide, with a sample of 250 business owners and decision makers within the UK energy sector.

Conducted between 18.01.22 and 21.01.22, the objective of the survey was to garner insight and sentiment around COP26, and identify ongoing impacts upon businesses and individuals as we transition from reliance upon fossil fuels towards renewables.

Whilst results overall are encouraging and appear to underline a wide commitment to reaching targets, a pattern has emerged indicating the baby boomer generation may be less committed than those under the age of 35.

How successful or unsuccessful do you think COP 26 has been in the following?

Galvanizing energy companies into reaching global sustainability goals

  • 95.6% say it’s been successful, albeit only 32.4% believe it has been ‘very successful’


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Galvanizing my company into reaching global sustainability goals

  • 94.8% say it’s been successful, but only 33.33% of the +55 age group believe it’s been successful


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Galvanizing the UK into reaching global sustainability goals

  • 92.8% agree it’s been successful, with only .8% of those surveyed believing it to not have been a success at all


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