Everyone needs to be on the same page

Vysus Group’s Planit22 campaign demonstrates how we can change our mindset and ways of operation to support the global energy transition.

Alex Munro, Global Lead QHSE Engineer, Senergy Wells, likens collaboration to football, demonstrating how individual ‘players’ are crucial to a successful team and how this approach helps him to support the various business streams in his own work within Vysus Group.

Collaboration is about working smarter and efficiently, finding the individuals with expertise outside of your own skillset to make that happen. You are saving your resources, time and cost to come to a greater result than you would working independently. In my scope of work, the most significant benefit is reducing risk, and can be shown in one of my recent projects assessing a drilling contractor. Essentially, I was expected to identify problem areas, however working within a partnership meant that I also worked to improve and enhance their own systems.

It is often said that there is no cost in safety, but there is, whether that be in the front-end or back-end of any incident. If we have the means to collaborate and reduce this risk at source, it is a win-win for everyone.

In my eyes, what the global community needs to do in order to achieve a collaborative energy transition is set clear goals and objectives which are needed right from the outset. That is embedded in everything we do at Vysus Group, as partnership - one of our core values - plays a significant role in how we operate.

Whether it’s with clients, contractors, colleagues or other stakeholders, partnership is essential. Having that trust in one another - trust is another of our core values - enables greater results.

Working internally with our various service lines, a large portion of my time is spent supporting ModuSpec, undertaking rig intakes, management system assessments, dropped objects, environmental or any verification compliance assessments for the clients.

Having someone to work with collaboratively with QHSE expertise and knowledge available at the other end of the phone or email ensures the delivery of services with confidence and quality.

To support the energy transition, collaboration is extremely valuable. The oil and gas sector already has mature systems in place, of which the renewable sector is only just now embedding within its own foundations of safety. Working with offshore wind sector before my current role, it is evident that there is a magnitude of crossovers, so working collaboratively would make the energy transition swift and seamless.

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