Case Study

Technical troubleshooting for Ringhals AB’s large nuclear plant

Solving safety deviations through verification analysis and supporting plant modifications


Ringhals AB, Sweden


Nuclear power plant



Client challenge

Ringhals nuclear power plant is the largest in Scandinavia, located on the west coast of Sweden. It generates around 28 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity a year, approximately one fifth of Sweden's total electrical energy consumption. To continue successful operations, our client needed technical troubleshooting and support in making plant modifications.

How we helped

Our support focused on one of our client’s plant facilities, using a pressurised water reactor of Westinghouse design. This brought three main benefits:

  • helping to solve safety deviations by performing verification analysis
  • evaluating safety upgrades for plant modifications
  • providing single failure analysis to enable additional plant enhancements, including a modified auxiliary feedwater system, isolation valve function, component cooling system and residual heat removal/containment spray systems.